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Introducing Music Therapy

Our most recent addition to The Phoenix Children’s Foundation is Music Therapy, we are excited to bring this offering to the charity. After lots of enquiries it’s been proven this is a much needed service and we are pleased to be one of the only charities in the area to be doing this.

Music therapy is an established psychological clinical intervention, which is delivered by HCPC registered music therapists to help people whose lives have been affected by injury, illness or disability through supporting their psychological, emotional, cognitive, physical, communicative and social needs.

Creative self expression offered in an interactive therapeutic environment can support many aspects of emotional, cognitive and physical development. Because musical participation and response does not depend on the ability to speak, music therapy is a particularly effective clinical intervention for people who have difficulty communicating verbally.


For people affected by disability, illness or injury, working with music therapists can be life-changing. With children and their families Music therapists work across a broad spectrum of need in a wide variety of settings to enable children and young people to:

  • explore and express thoughts and feelings
  • nurture social interaction and communication skills
  • encourage creative and spontaneous play
  • develop concentration and co-ordination
  • increase awareness of themselves and others
  • boost self esteem and build resilience
  • stimulate language and listening skills
  • strengthen family and peer relationships


With Learning Disabilities

The use of music therapy with people who have a learning disability concentrates on the use of music as a means of communication, self expression and interaction. Music therapy can help to:

  • increase motivation
  • empower people by offering choices
  • encourage and stimulate physical movement and co-ordination


With Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Music therapy can be very helpful for those with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum. Involvement in music making can both stimulate and relax a person leading to very positive changes. Music therapy with children can:

  • help a child to listen
  • encourage spontaneous play
  • stir a desire to communicate
  • strengthen muscles and improve co-ordination
  • help the child to build relationships
  • improve concentration
  • provide a means of self expression
  • stimulate language development through songs and turn taking
  • excite imagination and creativity


Working with someone with an acquired brain injury or neurodisability

Music is processed in many parts of the brain, which makes it an excellent tool for people living with an acquired brain injury or a neuro-degenerative condition. Music therapy may include:

• using music to compensate for losses in conjunction with tools such as memory / communication aids
• using music to enable emotional expression, engagement in social interaction and adjustment to disability
• using music to regain skill and function e.g. through Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

If this sounds of interest and you would like to arrange a visit to our facilities, nominate a child or young person for Music Therapy, or wish to make an application for funding for a specific project please get in touch.

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